Home Improvement Program

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Covered Repairs

Our Home Improvement Program assists with emergency home repairs to ensure homes are safe and sustainable. Assistance provided is subject to availability of funds. Assistance will be provided in the following categories: 

Category A

For emergency repair assistance, all service must enhance habitability of housing, including remedying water, sewage, sanitation service, gas leaks, major electrical or heating or cooling issues. Only the following services will be provided:

  1. Plumbing issues involving water line breaks, hot water heater leaks/ruptures, gas leaks and sewer backups.
  2. Heating or cooling system problems resulting in loss of heat or air conditioning to the home and outside temperature is below 60 or above 85 degrees.
  3. Electrical problems involving outlet, fixture and panel box sparking or shock hazards, as well as service line problems involving loss of service to the home.  
  4. Handicap accessibility services for persons with a disability, limited to ramps, handicap accessible bathrooms (to include wider doorways) easy access showers, handicap railing at toilet and shower, handicap toilets, easy use plumbing fixtures and doorknobs.

Category B

For other critical housing repairs and rehabilitation, all service must enhance habitability and assist in meeting life and safety building code compliance standards of housing. Benefits under this category include, but are not limited to, home safety issues leaking faucets, faulty lighting fixture, hot water heater repair or replacement, sub-floor repair, leaking roofs, broken exterior doors and window glass replacement. Sub floor repairs do not include the replacement of floor coverings except as needed to replace damage caused by sub floor repairs.

Category C

The purpose of this category is to conduct renovations to existing homes to further advance the safety and quality of life within the home. The following services may be provided:

  1. Handicap accessibility services limited to the following: Handicap accessible bathrooms to include wider bathroom doorways, easy access showers, handicap railing at toilet and shower, handicap toilets, easy use plumbing fixtures, and door knobs.
  2. Handicap ramps.