Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF)


The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) was established under section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to mitigate financial hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic by providing funds for the purpose of preventing homeowner mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures, loss of utilities or home energy services, and displacements of homeowners experiencing financial hardship after January 21, 2020, through qualified expenses related to mortgages and housing.






  • Must be a Homeowner.
  • Homeowner must currently own and occupy the property as their primary residence.
  • Assistance will ONLY be provided for primary residence.
  • Homeowner must have experienced a COVID-19 associated financial hardship after January 21, 2020.
    • Homeowner must meet income eligibility requirements, which is defined as Homeowners with incomes equal to or less than 150% of the Area Median Income.
    • Homeowner must complete and sign HAF Application.
    • Homeowner agrees to provide all necessary documentation to satisfy program guidelines within timeframes established by the HAF. 
    • HAF assistance cannot duplicate assistance provided by other programs.






  • Copy of Applicant's Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) or Comanche Tribal ID
  • Copy of Applicant's Driver's License
  • Social Security numbers for all household members.
  • Income Verification provided at the time of application for each household members 18 or older.
  • COVID-19 Hardship Attestation and Supporting Documentation from homeowner identifying and certifying the eligible hardship and that it occurred after January 21, 2020.
    • Must have Proof of Homeownership including Legal Description in the form of a deed, abstract of title, lease cancellation, mortgage document, or other documentation through legal proceedings such as, court probate, will or lifetime use of the property.






  • Homeowners must have incomes equal to or less than 150% of the Area Median Income to qualify for the program.




INCOME DOCUMENTATION ACCEPTED (Provide one (1) from the following items listed)


  • Last 30 days of most recent pay stubs or earnings statements showing the employee's name, gross pay, per pay period, deductions, and frequency of pay for every household member 18 years and older.


a)   Weekly Pay - Need last four (4) check stubs


b)   Bi - Weekly Pay - Need last two (2) check stubs


c)    Monthly Pay - Need last check stub




  • Copy of Form 1040 from Federal income tax return filed with the IRS for 2020.
  • Copy of W-2s or other wage statements, IRS Form 1099s, depository institution statements demonstrating regular income or an attestation from an employer.




  • Mortgage payment assistance;
  • Financial assistance to allow a homeowner to reinstate a mortgage or to pay other housing-related costs related to a period of forbearance, delinquency, or default;
  • Payment assistance for delinquent property taxes to prevent homeowner tax foreclosures;
  • Payment assistance for:


  1.     homeowner's utilities, including electric, gas, home energy, and water
  2.     homeowner's internet service, including broadband internet access service, as defined in 47 CFR 8.1(b) (or any successor regulation)
  3.     homeowner's insurance, flood insurance, and mortgage insurance
  4.     homeowner's association fees or liens, condominium association fees, or common charges






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