CNHA Hosts Open House for Comanche Tribal Elders

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - Lawton, OK

On July 6, 2012 the CNHA hosted an open house for Comanche Tribal Elders.  The purpose of the open house was to provide the Elders with Housing Authority program information and give them an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their needs.  A brief tour of the facility and lunch were also provided.

Nearly fifty Tribal Elders participated in the event where they were introduced to the CNHA organization leadership, department heads and their staff.  Each department described their role in the organization and addressed countless questions from the Tribal Elders.  Mr. Matthew Komalty, Executive Director for the CNHA, said that the information exchange was invaluable for both the CNHA and the Tribal Elders.  He also said that understanding the needs of our Tribal Elders will allow the CNHA to better serve them in the future.  As a result, the CNHA is currently pursuing federal grant money to build an assisted living facility for Comanche Tribal Elders.

 Following the program information and question and answer portion of the open house, Norman Leveille, the CNHA Safety Officer, took our guests on a brief tour of the CNHA facility.  All first-floor offices were visited along with the truck wash, maintenance, and warehouse areas.  It was mentioned by several guests that they had no idea that the CNHA building was so large.

Finally, the Tribal Elders were treated to lunch prepared and served by the CNHA staff.  Lunch was the traditional Tha-aww Comanche meal consisted of Indian corn soup, fry bread and ground meat.  Additional salads and desserts were also included with the meal. 

The Comanche Tribal Elders expressed their appreciation for the open house and the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

Click images below to start a slideshow of the Open House event.

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