Dearest Jackie,

And all who are concerned and involved.  These thoughts been running through my head, so decided to "EXPRESS THEM".  First of all, Thanks for all the ones who are concerned, care, understand, give credit to "Elderly".

…I do appreciate all the caring, helping, maintenance, understanding, the Housing Authority, and its workers, receptionist, Safety Officer, Norman, if still there.  I mean by gosh, what more can you expect, everyone does a wonderful, caring job…

…I'm taking the time, let everyone know, I appreciate and am thankful, whatever time and things are done for me, through Comanche Housing and Comanche Tribe.

So thanks to all - and may God keep each and every one safe this dreadful snow.
Thanks to you Jackie Wahnee - Listening ear, smiles and deep heart concern.


Comanche Tribal Elder

Lawton, OK


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