Dear TCNN,

I would like to give a Pia Uraako (big thank you) to the Comanche Nation Housing Authority (Nora Sovo, Mike Niedo, LeIbert Koppessah,) and the Comanche Nation Home Improvement Program (Rudy Yokesuite) for their superb services in our need of emergency assistance.

On Sunday, June 26th, our a/c unit went out completely.  And the temperature was at 106 outside and 110 inside our home!!  I immediately called the Housing Authority, knowing they were closed, but their voice mail said if this is an emergency please call such and such...  I did and they came out right away and then later brought two a/c window units.  And they installed them too!  It took the rest of the day for it to cool off but it worked for us.  I took my 88-year-old Dad to Furrs to eat lunch, then to the Mall to shop and keep them cooled off.  When we returned home later that evening, the house was tolerable!  The following day, I called Mr. Yokesuite from HIP and he loaned us a new a/c window unit. I had some young men go, over and pick it up and they installed for us. Our thanks to Tommy Wesaw and James Kreger for their assistance also.

I know in these times of hardship and trying times, many of elders are in great need. I just hope and pray they receive help like we did. It took a week, but my dad and handicapped son did not suffer much.  And of course, they would not complain anyway.

I just want to say my family and I very much appreciate the Comanche Nation and their staff for all the help we received.  I also know that there is not very much thanks to CN staff.  We seem to always look for what is done wrong than what is done right.  And I want our people to know that they did good work for my family and the Comanche Nation.



Cache, OK

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